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Unfortunately the affiliate program with Ultimate Internet Security closed on 5 March 2010.  PC Tools do a very good range of security products including anti-virus and firwall or you can check out the Computer Stuff page.
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Ultimate Internet Security is the trading name of Business Anti Virus & Infinite Business Limited who were formed in 2005 and are based in Guildford in Surrey.  They are the UK partner of G Data.

If you are fed up of your anti virus software taking over your computer, hogging the memory and preventing you from getting on at speed then try a more silent, almost undetectable, state of the art, sophisticated background protection system from GData (at a very reasonable price!)

G Data are a market leader in antivirus protection software.  They started developing antivirus software in 1985 and their applications use some of the world's best security technology including the DoubleScan engine (using two independent virus scanners) and the OutbreakShield (capable of intelligently detecting unknown viruses).  As specialists in Internet security and pioneers in the field of virus protection, G Data developed the first anti-virus program over 20 years ago.

In the past five years (at 2009), no other European security software manufacturer has won more national and international licences and awards than G Data.  They provide a suit of software solutions for IT security suitable for all needs ranging from the home user to the large internet based corporation.  Their protection software is tried and tested, it is robust and reliable and is certainly worth considering as your preferred method of surviving trojan horses, spyware, malware, network worms viruses and hackers as you connect to the cyberspace that is becoming ubiquitous in our everyday lives.

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