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TRIA Beauty


Treat yourself to permanent removal of unwanted hair.

Film stars and models have been using diode laser technology for hair removal for a long time and it has been typically expensive and only available at private health clinics.  TRIA Beauty, formally SpectraGenics, invented the LightSheer method of hair reduction using a mechanism of light interaction within the hair follicles to reduce hair production.  It has been regarded as the gold standard for hair reduction for years and they have worked tirelessly to produce the same results in an affordable device which is portable that you can use at home.

What they came up with was a cordless, hand held, easy to use and entirely safe device called the TRIA Hair Removal Laser.  It is FDA compliant and has been recommended by medical experts as a permanent and safe way to remove unwanted hair.  In other words the almost unbelievable has been achieved by TRIA Beauty.

The TRIA Hair Removal Laser has been shown to reduce hair re-growth by 70% with only two treatments and is guaranteed to reduce re-growth to zero after six months.  Given the price of razors or waxing that is probably the cheapest way to get rid of unwanted hair and it won't come back!

In today's world it is not simply a luxury to remove unwanted hair it can be expedient and healthy as well as desirable and aesthetic.  Looking and feeling beautiful is very good for your confidence and self image and feeds back into your life to actually improve health and well being.  So finding a way to remove unwanted hair for good for the price of the TRIA Hair Removal Laser is a positive enhancement to your life.  It is, surprisingly, a very cost effective way to remove unwanted hair in the long term.  It is also less trouble than most other methods.  I don't want to quote the price here because they might change it slightly without me noticing but for less than a pound a day for a year you can be rid of unwanted hair forever - no more waxing or shaving - just imagine that!

Oh - and they also do skin care products and the highly recommended TRIA Blue Light for acne and spots.


UK Flag    Delivery is FREE and only to UK mainland addresses (but not PO Boxes).

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