See also: • Ties Ties Ties was started in 1998 by fashion retailer and style expert Kathy Marrou. With many years experience in retail Kathy decided to try e-commerce. It was a resounding success and has become a leader in the world of men's fashion. The reason for this success? Excellent neckwear and plenty of it. currently boasts the largest selection of men's neckwear worldwide and at remarkably low prices. It is their stated belief that the humble necktie alone brings much needed style, class, color, and distinction to every man's attire. But, they say, even more than that, a necktie brings personality. That is why they take such care to supply such a wide range of quality ties for all occasions.

They are very customer orientated and work hard to maintain a safe, secure and friendly shopping experience. To that end they have a guarantee every item with a 90 day satisfaction policy. That keeps the customer happy and keeps them on their toes.

US Flag   World   Based in the US they deliver all over the world.

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