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Tesco is a famous supermarket.  The impression I get is that they are a cheep but well stocked competitive supermarket.  They have expanded to sell much more than just food.

They do unfortunately sell a huge amount of their own brand products.  The problem with this is that they are supposed to be a super "market" for other companies to sell their stuff in.  By competing in the producers market there is a risk that the good brands can be sidelined and put out of business.  I regularly complain at the customer desk that there is not a particular brand I want and, to give Tesco credit, they always respond and usually do something constructive about it.  So just a little message here, don't forget to tell them if you think something is wrong.  You might be pleasantly surprised at their response.

Tesco are responding to the "green" shift in shopping.  Their plastic bags are highly biodegradable (don't take too long getting your shopping home!), they sell a range of good organic produce and they sell Innocent fruit juice.

Tesco offer a very good home delivery service.  On a global scale this is a very good thing because it reduces the carbon footprint and the pollution of the planet when it comes to getting groceries back home.  One lorry doing the rounds is far more efficient than every body driving themselves backwards and forwards and it is so nice to just order on-line and wait for someone else to deliver the shopping.  Oh such luxury!

They say:
" is one of the UK's leading online retailers and has expanded beyond just selling groceries online.  Tesco Direct has a fantastic range of 'non-food' products, such as TVs, Laptops and furniture.  Plus Tesco also sells wine by the case online and everything to do with entertainment, such as CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays and books.  On top of this, there are other shops such as eDiets and DVD Rental"

So take a look at their web site and see if you are tempted.  You can visit them by clicking this link --> Tesco or one of the banners.

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