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Tesco is Britain's biggest food retailer. This is good in some ways and not so good in others. Good for Tesco business for sure. It is also good for shoppers who can get food at seriously competitive prices. But Tesco no longer supplies only food. Tesco have branched out like so many businesses into numerous fields. Tesco are well known for selling clothes, kitchen utensils, electrical goods, stationary, books, CDs and a host of other household items. They have also branched out into a wide range of products including all sorts of competitive insurances, sports equipment, toys, gifts, garden furniture and the list goes on. Best thing to do is take a look around their on-line store at Tesco . There are many interesting facts about tesco some of which are described below.

The name Tesco comes partly from the initials of T E Stockwell (from whom a certain Jack Cohen bought a shipment of tea in 1924) and the first two letters of said Jack Cohen's own surname. Some years later Jack, liking the name TESCO, opened a store by that name in North London. It wasn't until 1932 that Tesco became a Limited Company and 15 years later it was floated on the London Stock Market as a Public Limited Company or PLC.

It is an interesting fact that there is only one Post Code in the whole of the United Kingdom without a Tesco store. It is in Harrogate in North Yorkshire. So if you don't like Tesco I guess that might be a place to move to. Failing that it is safe to say there is a Tesco near you (if you live in the UK). If you live in the USA, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, China, France, Hungary, Ireland, Isle of Man, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey or just about anywhere on planet Earth it is also true to say that the odds are high that there is a Tesco near you even if operating under a different name. As I write I believe there is no Tesco store on the moon - but... watch this space. Tesco is one of the world's largest global retailers and second only to Wal-Mart when it comes to profit.
Mr Cohen was knighted in 1969 with the name Sir John Edward Cohen. He had changed his name in the 1930's because his bank was finding it risky with so many Jack Cohens in the neighbourhood. Jack quite obviously wanted to keep his own hands on his dosh. Jack was the son of a Mr Jacob Kohen. Quite why Jack's name was spelt with a C I don't know. I would like to say that he is not related to Leonard Cohen but as the ancient sect of Jewish priests known as Kohen are said to all originate from a single male called Aaron (yes that famous one from the Bible - brother of Moses) maybe Sir John is related to Leonard after all.

So there you have some interesting facts about Tesco.

On the whole Tesco goods are good value for money and if you want a wide variety of stuff from one place Tesco is as good a place as any to start looking.  You can visit their web site by clicking this link --> Tesco or any of the banners on this page.

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