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excellent resource for finding and booking spa experiences

SpaFinder is an interesting web site.  It is an interesting concept.  As the name suggests it is a place where you can find a spa.  You might want certain types of facilities like saunas, massages, swimming pool, health food.  You might want Botox treatment or a manicure or pedicure.  You might want cellulite treatment or hair removed.  You might want somewhere to relax with a friend.  What ever you want, where ever you want it, if it exists SpaFinder will endeavour to find it.

SpaFinder is, in their words, a "360-degree media company dedicated to the global spa marketplace."  Hmm!  What does that mean?  It means that they are orientated around the service they provide.  Of course they want to make money.  They have to.  Like the rest of us.  But they are designing their functionality around a service that lots of people want.  In a way they are like a travel agent except that travel agents are tacky by comparison.  In fact they are a travel agent come to think of it because they will organise getting you to any spa anywhere in the world there is one.  They are like a business directory except they do all the work.  In fact they are a business directory.  You see, the thing is they do whatever it takes to facilitate your requirements to get Spa facilities and services.  They research the Spas, they educate you, they have a club and gift vouchers (of course you don't have to give them to someone else).

They put it this way:
SpaFinder is the world's leading spa marketing and gifting company connecting millions of health conscious, spa going consumers with the spa experience via publishing, Internet, gift vouchers/cards and corporate incentive services. SpaFinder Gift Vouchers and Gift Cards can be redemmed at over 5000 SpaFinder partner spas throughout the world and make great gifts. The lucky recipient of a SpaFinder Gift Voucher chooses the spa, treatment, date and time after they receive them.

Overall it is a great place to browse whether you use their services or not.  That is perhaps what makes them special.  They are there and useful just because it gets them good business in the end.

Pamper yourself and give your eyes and your imagination a treat by visiting their site.

It took me several hours to write this page because I got lost in a world of luxurious hotels and golf courses.  Some of these spas are located in the most beautiful settings and the decor, the furniture, the architecture, all drip with luxury and sophistication.  So please visit the site and buy lots of stuff and get me lots of commission so I can go to one one day.  Alternatively you might just order something that is inexpensive but gives you a moment of sublime ecstasy.


The World    They have spas all over the world.

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