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Solve My Debt can help you get control of your finances back.

Is it possible to come out from under the ever darkening cloud of spiralling debt?

Yes!  You can find yourself back in the sunshine with your finances under control.

If you are either simply in a tight spot with debt or you are losing control and pulling your hair out with worry over debt you should check these people out.  It is pretty rare in life that you can reasonably expect other people to give you entirely impartial advise that is completely in your interest (hey - you probably got into debt by someone misleading you) so approach with caution and an open mind.

Solve My Debt are a part of Kensington Financial Management Consultancy based in Manchester who have been in business since 2001.  They are a company that deal in debt management.  What they offer is to get the basic details of your debt situation and to give you sensible advice as to the best options open to you.  They can help with IVAs (Individual voluntary Arrangements) or they can arrange to organise your debt by dealing with your creditors and attempting to get the interest stopped and a reduced minimal payment.  They will then charge you one fixed amount per month (less than you are currently paying in total) so that you only have that one payment to worry about and they will distribute the money to your creditors.  You end up paying less per month and have no multiple outgoings to worry about and no harassing phone calls and letters from your creditors.  Solve My Debt also get a small part of that monthly payment as their management and handling fee.

It is a good and creative way to get your own personal financial company dealing with your debt.  They do all the hard work which leaves you less stressed and more able to get on and earn the money without it crippling you.

They are well regulated, respectable and responsible.  They have good relationships with all the major financial institutions and it is in their interest to make this business work.  They will not give you bad advice because it would run them into disrepute.  So if you choose to contact them remember to give it some thought but it might be the most practical and fast way to stop the decline and to help you get your finances back under control and your life going forwards positively.

What they can achieve is to consolidate your debt, get the interest stopped and reduce your monthly outgoings.

Solve My Debt big banner
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