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Linksys by Cisco

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Linksys by Cisco is the world's leader in Wireless & Wired Ethernet networking.
They are dedicated to the small office and home office (SOHO) user environment making networking easy and affordable.

Linksys began life in 1988 in California.  Two Taiwanese immigrants, Janie and Victor Tsao were working as consultants putting American IT suppliers in touch with Taiwanese IT manufacturers.  Through their experience and knowledge of the market they began producing their own range of home and small office networking products.  The first was a device to connect multiple computers to multiple printers called the Multishare.  They produced networking hubs and Ethernet hubs.  They expanded over the years and got contracts with Fry's Electronics in 1995 and Best Buy in 1996.  By 2003 they had over 300 employees and Cisco bought them for $500 million.

Linksys still specialise in everything home and small office networking.  From sophisticated sound systems around the home to complete networking solutions for the small business.

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