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Sephra Chocolate Fondue Fountain Indulge Yourself!

Sephra is the leading chocolate fountain manufacturer in the world.

Woven among the threads of ancient Aztec legend lies the story of Sephra, an enchanting goddess whose beauty could only be depicted as the richness of the dark earth, combined with the luster and glow of pure gold. Her voice was softer than the finest silks and her presence carried the aroma of sweet cocoa. It was Sephra who gave the ancient Aztecs the precious gift of the cocoa tree.

Montezuma, a ruler of the Aztecs, built a temple with a fountain of pure water surrounded by cocoa beans as an offering to Sephra. Sephra was so pleased with this gift that she turned the water into the purest, richest chocolate ever. This was truly a gift from the Gods.

Sephra, the company, pay tribute to the goddess and the chocolate by aspiring to produce the best fountains and the smoothest most delicious chocolate on planet Earth. You never know, Sephra may be so pleased with this that she is adding the ethereal ingredient to the succulent melted chocolate as it caresses and engulfs the delectable fruit to provide you with a sensation of pure delight and ecstasy.

Just looking around Sephra's web site is close to a spiritual revelation.

Sephra Chocolate Fondue Fountain

US Flag    The World    Based in the US they have outlets around the world.

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