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RSPB membership

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Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

This page is about RSPB membership.  If you want to buy stuff then visit the RSPB shop page.

Formed in 1898 the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) was granted a Royal Charter in 1904.  The society began as a protest against the barbarous practice of killing birds such as egrets, birds of paradise, great crested grebes and kittiwakes simply for their beautiful plumage for rich people's hats.

Today, with the wholesale destruction of the environment, the pollution of the climate, the intensive agriculture and the exploitation of the seas it is vital that there is a coherent and effective bird conservation organisation.  Birds are animals and need respect and protection.  They are beautiful and part of the ecology that we depend on.  They are also indicators of climate change and environmental destruction.  So it is very important to protect these animals both for their survival and the survival of humanity.

Whether you are interested in feeding birds in your garden, visiting nature reserves and bird sanctuaries, or assisting in programs to protect species from extinction there is something at the RSPB for you.  Membership and purchasing good from their online shop all helps this charity in it's vast range of activities, campaigns and projects to protect and promote birds.  Membership of the RSPB helps birds, wildlife and the environment and enables you to get close to nature.  For a modest joining fee you receive a magazine 4 times a year, entry to over 100 nature reserves and a free joining gift.  In their online shop they sell high quality bird food, feeders, bird feeding accessories and seasonal gifts.  And all of the profit goes to conservation.

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