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Power Squid

Unfortunately the affiliate program with Power Squid was terminated around 1 February 2012.  You can check out the Computer Stuff page for other similar merchants.

Power Squid link gone
PowerSquids are not only supremely cute but they are a seriously practical power outlet multiplier and surge protector too.  PowerSquid produce a range of power solutions for the home and business customer.  They obviously sell the delightful squid but they also do a host of other very useful gadgets like solar chargers, travel adaptors, surge protectors, cable organizers and identifiers and more.  They are all so aesthetically delightful you might be tempted to buy them as art even if you don't need the functionality.

Beware of visiting this site - You might not be able to control your consumer impulses!

Power Squid link gone
US Flag    Basically relevant to the US market but they will ship anywhere.

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