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peekaboo link gone
Peekaboo are a company that seem to have been around since 2004.  They may have been around for a bit longer but I can't seem to find out much about their history.  They sell a number of products mostly pole dancing kits of one sort or another.  There could be a slight conflict if you are searching for "peekaboo" in general because there is another company called Peek-a-Boo which is based in Barnet and sells children's toys and things, and they have a web based shop called peekaboo-online.  There is another company called Peekaboo Communications which, again, is child orientated and coordinates and assists parents who want to become entrepreneurial in their role as parent.  But enough of the disambiguation:

Peekaboo, who's url is specialise in pole dancing kits.  They have their own branded Peekaboo Party Pole and a range of others to meet every need including the Pink Pole Portable Dance Pole.  Well if the party won't come to you I guess you pack up your pole and travel to the party.  They also do the Peekaboo Party Pole, the Platinum Pole, and a pole that they seductively call the Hustler which is described as a stripper's pole.  And others that they have announced are the Spinning Pole and the Glow Pole.  It all sounds too disorientating for me.

Additional to this eye watering array of dynamic dancing equipment they have now added the famous Electra Pole which is inspired and endorsed by Hollywood star Carmen Electra.  Dance poles have a range of benefits from fitness all the way to fun including a few other benefits on the way.

And then to top it all off and in addition to their vast range of adaptable poles they do a really nice modelling kit called the Sculpta Sutra.  Based on the famous Indian Kama Sutra, this kit comes with ample instructions and the necessary modelling clay to build your own "instructors" in the art of sensual techniques.  It makes an ideal valentine's gift or a fun gift to spice up your (or someone else's) relationship.

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