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Unfortunately the affiliate program with PCIQ closed on 7 September 2009.  You can try Oyyy as an alternative or check out the Computer Stuff page. If you are in Lincolnshire you might want to try contacting these people --> Sente Limited

How to get an IT professional at home!

This is one very clever idea and a much needed service.  These people organise IT specialists all around the country and make it possible for the home user to get good IT advice and support at very reasonable prices.  It works for the customer and it works for the IT professionals.  Customers contact PCIQ for preventative, essential ongoing maintenance needs or to solve specific problems such as computer repair, wireless network installation, etc.  Whatever the situation, PCIQ will make sure a local agent assesses the particular requirements and offers customers a high standard of expertise and professionalism.

This is how it works:
1.  Enter your location.
2.  Provide them with a brief description of your problem and contact information.
3.  Once you are contacted by your chosen IT professional they will provide you with a quote and make arrangements to visit you.

That's it! How to get an IT professional at a reasonable price at home!

What's more amazing is that they offer to help you help yourself for free too!

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