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Unfortunately the affiliate program with The NSPCC closed on 31 October 2009.  You can visit their site at or check out the List of Charities page.
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National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

Cruelty to Children must stop. FULL STOP

Founded in 1884 by the Reverend Benjamin Waugh the NSPCC has been committed to preventing cruelty to children in the UK for over 100 years.  Their first major success was to get the first law ever to protect children from abuse and neglect in the UK.  In 1889 Queen Victoria became their first Patron, in 1944 Princess Elizabeth (future Queen of England) became President of the NSPCC and in 2003 Kylie Minogue became the first NSPCC Ambassador.  Many famous and important people have had significant roles with the NSPCC and they have had a lot of success over their lifetime.

But their work is still urgent and needs support from the public.  In 2008 nearly 32,000 children were known to be at risk of some kind of abuse in the UK.  Violence, neglect, sexual abuse and bullying are all too familiar and ruin thousands of children's lives with the emotional and psychological scars remaining into adulthood.  The effects of cruelty are devastating and children often feel isolated and trapped with no one to turn to and no help or support.  In 2008 over half a million children phoned ChildLine and they are only the one's that managed to reach out.

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