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Once You Know, You Newegg
newegg is a Good Egg!

Newegg is an enormous home and IT electronics web site.  The cover a huge range of goods including categories like Hardware, Electronics, PCs & Laptops, Digital Cameras, Networking, Gaming, Software, Home & Garden and "Specials".  They hold over 40,000 items in their warehouse ready for shipping and have over 12 million registered users.  Their site is remarkably easy to navigate given the scale of the thing and it is useful with images, help and customer reviews.  Their customer testimonials are impressive too.

So if you are in Canada and wanting a pleasant internet shopping experience whilst purchasing some electronics or electrical items give Newegg a try by clicking this link --> Neweggnewegg text link or click on one of the banners.

newegg banner1
newegg banner2
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Canadian Flag    They ship only within Canada.

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