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NEATO labeling solutions

Yes! Here is a really NEATO idea.

It all started when a company (called MicroPatent actually) was producing many CD discs for their clients.  They began to find that labelling the discs was a problem.  They were never producing enough of the same disk to warrant professionally printing the labels and yet they needed a lot of different labels.  To cut a long story short they investigated the matter and came up with a really good idea.  It was based on a coffee cup filter thing and it allowed them to centre the label perfectly every time.

With this method of application they soon launched Neato the total solution to labelling individual or small batches of CDs.  The adhesive is important (so as not to damage the disk and to last a long time), the paper quality is important, the software for producing the labels is important and the whole package is important to make labelling a pleasure and not a chore.  Neato have expanded over the years and offer all sorts of labelling solutions including mini disks, bottle labels, Blu-Ray, jewel cases, poly bags, FlashPac cases and much more.

Here is a list of some of the things that they do:
Jewel Cases • Jewel Case labels • Mega Cases • DVD+R • Address labels • Labeler Kits • Autoloaders • Blu-Ray Cases • Handi Labels • Duplication Services • CD • LTO labels • Overwrappers • Mini Labels • Handi CD labels • CD labels • DVD labels • FlashPac Cases • DVD+R labels • DVD Cases • Poly Bags • DVD • Blu-Ray Duplicators • Labeling Software • CDR labels • Handi CD • Inks & Accessories • Event Recorders • Blu-Ray Case labels • Label Templates • Mini CD labels • Labelling Software • Mini CD • Blu-Ray disk labels • CD Duplicators • Media labels • Inserts • CDR • Half inch tape labels • Bottle labels • DLT labels • Software & Kits • DVD-R labels • CD/DVD Storage and Supplies • DVD Duplicators • Custom labels • DVD-R • CD/DVD Binders • DVD Case labels • Sleeves & Mailers • Printers • Duplication Equipment and Supplies

Check their site out because they probably have just the thing for your labelling requirement.  You can visit their web site by clicking this link --> neato label solution or click on one of the banners.

neato labelling solutions

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