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the #1 Digital Memory Site on the NET!

MyMemory is a little hard to fathom.  Their web site is quite evidently very professional and slick.  I expected to find a site which specialised in memory.  They may specialise in memory but they do a whole lot of other things too, ranging from spa pampering days to underwater cameras.  I guess the name of the web site doesn't have to reflect the content or I would be selling toxic drums!

They say: "... [we are] the #1 Digital Memory Site on the NET! is a fast growing Digital Memory Card retailer already widely known as the first choice for professional photographers and the amateur snapper.  We are committed to offering outstanding value for money and fantastic customer service, our customer reviews speak for themselves."
And so I looked for the customer reviews and I couldn't find them.  Please email me (from the contact page) and let me know where they are if you find them.

They also say on their main page:
But I found this "A delivery charge of £9.95 is applied to all orders" on one item so I am not sure their claim is correct.  You will have to check what is free delivery and what is not.  They do go to some length to say they deliver free to all these places... United Kingdom • Channel Islands • Andorra • Australia • Austria • Belgium • Bermuda • Canada • Cayman Islands • Cyprus • Denmark • Finland • France • Germany • Gibraltar • Greece • Greenland • Iceland • Iran • Iraq • Ireland • Israel • Italy • Japan • Liechtenstein • Luxembourg • Malta • Monaco • Netherlands • New Zealand • Norway • Poland • Portugal • San Marino • Slovakia • Slovenia • South Africa • Spain • Sweden • Switzerland So I suspect the item I found was an exception for some reason.

They have this huge list of brands they sell:
And this quite significant list of categories and products:

Overall they do seem large enough and professional enough that I would expect their products, delivery and service to be good.  Take a look around and judge for yourself.  You can visit their site by clicking this link --> MyMemory or one of the banners.


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