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Montezuma's say: "Montezuma's specialise in bringing together fantastic quality ingredients in an innovative fashion to create delicious and unusual chocolate products. The quality of our ingredients is our priority and this means that many of our products are organic. All of our products are made by us in West Sussex and we have a strong ethical stance and conduct business under our 'trading fairly' policy. This ensures that our suppliers, customers and all those we come into contact with are dealt with properly and fairly along the way. We were launched in 2000 from a tiny shop in Brighton and have since opened another 4 shops, and an online store which has gone from strength to strength."

Helen and Simon Pattinson were quite ordinary well paid, highly qualified solicitors in London.  Everything seemed to be going fine until the lure of chocolate got the better of them.  It all began when they "ran away" from "real life", quit their jobs, sold their house and went to South America.  They had no idea what the future would hold but they knew they did not like the materialistic, money orientated, illusion of the stressful rat race.

But in South America they encountered cocoa.  That dark mysterious wonder of the world.  That alluring, sensuous, rich, dynamic, dark substance that mother nature has provided that, with patience, skill, dedication and love can be turned into CHOCOLATE.  Neither of them could resist the temptation.  Both were drawn into a fantasy world of spending their life tenderly weaving chocolate delights and doubtless eating them too.  It took only one year back in Brighton for the fantasy to become a reality and for them to open their first shop producing a unique range of chocolate and truffles that is now the much talked about Montezuma's brand.

The name "Montezuma's" is derived from the ancient Aztec Emperor Motecuhzoma who introduced the Spanish conquistador, Hernán Cortés, to chocolatl, the original rich primitive chocolate drink so highly prized by the Aztecs and now by the entire world.

Helen and Simon Pattinson are both profoundly concerned by ethical issues relating to their business.  It is true to say that they go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that not only is their company being sustainable and fair but that they deal only with other companies that at least attempt to maintain the same standards.  Their organic cocoa comes mainly from a co-operative of over 9000 small plantations in the Dominican Republic and some comes from a similar but smaller co-operative in Peru.  All their packaging is sustainable and recyclable and, in fact, they recycle a lot of their own.  The Guardian printed an article in 2007 including Montezuma's in their top 10 ethical British chocolate companies.

montezuma's chocolate
Here is a list of some of their products:
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