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Unfortunately the affiliate program with MoneyWise closed on 4 August 2010.  You can get this magazine at the Magazine Group and you may find other interesting stuff on the Legal and Financial Page.
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Moneywise was launched in 1990 and is a monthly magazine dedicated to presenting financial information in an accessible jargon-free manner.  It aims to help you make the key financial decisions in developing sound financial health.  It includes all sorts of useful information like retirement planning, investing a lump sum, paying for a child's education, taking out private health insurance, getting the best deal for your mortgage, ISAs, pensions and much more.

Moneywise covers all the financial matters that impact on your money and your lifestyle.  In short they help you make the decisions that can ensure your long-term financial security.

Visit their web site by clicking here --> Moneywise or click on one of the banners.

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