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Log book loans with no credit check required.

Need cash in a hurry?  Try Mobile Money.

In short you can temporarily release the capital in your car to cash in your hand.  You pay a very high rate of interest but that's the deal.  There are no other credit references or criteria other than that you own the car and it is paid for.  It is called a log book loan.

Given that Toxic Drums is all about what is good for humans and planet earth you might be asking the question "What on Earth is this advert doing on Toxic Drums?"  A good question.  There's no way I would normally promote the notion of borrowing money at extortionate rates of interest whilst putting your car up as security.  However, the world is a complicated place and people do fly to climate conferences.  Sometimes you have to use what you've got to get to a better place.  There are times when getting your hands on some cash fast is the right thing to do and if the only way you can achieve it is to make a rather radical deal with some very opportunistic folk then so be it.  Just be careful and make sure you are not acting rashly.  So if it is your decision to borrow some money on a short term high interest basis then I am more than happy to let you know where you can do it.  It is a free world after all.  At least that's what they keep telling me.

So if after considering all the options and with a cool and calculating head you have decided to borrow some money where you don't need a credit reference here are some people who are at least legitimate and well established who will make a rather extreme deal with you but it will be legal and up front and reliable.

This is what they say
Mobile Money offer loans from £500 to £25,000 secured against the value of a vehicle, using the logbook as security.  They typically lend against cars which are less than 8 years old.  A log book loan from Mobile Money is a practical way for people to get cash fast, without the hassle of going through credit checks and banks!
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