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Micro$oft Windows 7 Home Premium
Windows 7 Home Premium Box picture
I want Windows 7!
Is Windows 7 Home Premium really what you need?
Windows 7 is an operating system that many people in the world will think is the latest greatest "must have" product.  Windows 7 is promoted as if it were the very air you need to breath.  Windows 7 is fresh new "clean" air with added ingredients to allow you to fly.
BUY IT NOW!  They insist.
But is it really what it appears to be?
NO!  Windows 7 is not what it appears to be.
If you are wanting to "UPGRADE" your system to the latest version of Windows or you want a new machine with Windows 7 you might want it to network to your other machines.  Microsoft state that connecting to other computers is now easier than ever with Windows 7 Home Premium.  NOT TRUE!  They add, in small print and with some ambiguity, that networking is made easier with "Homegroup" which allows you to connect to all your other computers.  NOT TRUE!  They tell you later that Homegroup only connects with other computers running Windows 7.  This IS TRUE!  But I never found information explaining that there is no other way to connect to other machines and operating systems than through the one Homegroup.  The real truth is that connectivity with Windows 7 Home Premium is limited and restricted to one network of machines all running Windows 7.
Windows 7 Professional box.jpg IF YOU HAVE TO BUY WINDOWS 7 AND YOU WANT NETWORKING CAPABILITY BUY WINDOWS 7 PROFFESSIONAL.  Why?  Because to upgrade later will cost you about twice as much as the difference in price between Home Premium and Proffessional.
What is not made clear is that the connection capabilities of Windows 7 Home IS A BACKWARD STEP.  Windows no longer allows you to connect to other networks in the sense that the statement would ordinarily be understood.  It does use networking protocol and technology to create a connection to other computers running Windows 7.  What Microsoft have done is to limit the connectivity to one single network which must be called Homegroup and all computers on that network must be running Windows 7.  It is a kind of closed shop.  A kind of exclusive club.  It is, without doubt, a divisive trap.  For certain people this will be what they want but that is like building a car which only turns left.  It works if you only ever drive round the block to visit the MESCO store (a fictitious store which stands for Microsoft Exclusive Shopping COmpany) (as oppossed to TESCO (T E Stockwell COhen)).  But what use is it to you if you thought you were buying a car to give you freedom to choose where you wanted to go.  What if they even told you that the steering wheel has new "anti-friction" technology making it easier than ever to turn corners.  You would be forgiven for not realising that they never said which corners.
There is serious bad intent evident in this new product.  Beware!  It is the stuff that is dragging humanity down.  I hear people saying that Microsoft do wonderful things.  That Windows operating systems are very sophisticated and enable all sorts of efficient, technologically advanced features.  I hear people claiming the benefits as if in answer to the flaws.  But unfortunately the best way to deceive is to present a lot of truth with a dash of deception.  Of course Microsoft do incredibly good things.  I am a very real fan of many of the GOOD THINGS Microsoft do.  But I have heard the same defence for Margaret Thatcher, Saddam Hussein and Adolf Hitler.  Just because Microsoft do incredibly fantastic things is no reason to let the bad stuff pass unaddressed.  It's a bit like those illegal drugs.  They really are incredible.  They make you feel great.  They improve your life.  They increase your pleasure... but in the end they make you dependent and then, when they have got you, they bleed you dry.
Microsoft seem to have mastered the art of illusion.  Miscro$oft, as they are sometimes known, are farming their herd of users.  Like any good farmer they herd their flock to pastures new (and more secure)  and provide lots of nourishing genetically modified feed stuffs to keep their flock contented and dependent.  Like a relentless pilgrimage the whole flock marches on toward the final destination.  In Microsoft's case the final destination is the user generated revenue stream.  A tax.  A tax that you will not be able to avoid paying.  It's like milking cows.  And, like cows, so long as they continue to provide the milk required they are fed.  But, alas, when the milk dries up the cows are finally slaughtered and eaten.  Have no doubt, if Microsoft continue with their current philosophy they will either rule the world mechanistically like Daleks or, more hopefully, they will destroy themselves by destroying their host like a cancer.  In either case there will be misery and pain.
I'm just a voice in the wilderness.  I doubt what I say will have any tangible effect.  But I'll say it anyway because it is my observable truth.  Like with oil, there will be dependency, abuse, pollution, poverty, war, destruction and an awful lot of human suffering.  The problem is that people are not looking at the principles and the paradigms because they are too busy trying to get on with their lives today.  BUT THERE ARE ALTERNATIVES.  There is Linux, for example.  I am going to find out more about Linux and make the transition as and when I can find the time to do it.  Why?  Because things may be easier with Windows at the moment but the writing is on the wall and Windows will become intolerably restrictive.  One really good thing about Linux is that it is open source.  Open source software is a bit like Wikipedia.  It is developed by lots of independent people and constantly checked and monitored by those people so NO SINGLE ENTITY with its own self interest has overall control.  It is perhaps the best of real democracy or actually anarchy.
In summary I think there are very few people who will want Windows 7 Home edition in the end so if you want or need Windows I suggest you take a look at Windows 7 Professional for approximately £50 more. You can get it from Amazon in the UK or the US by clicking a link here.

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