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Melt chocolate

Melt's chocolate is some of the finest in the world.  All their chocolate is freshly made on site at their shop on Ledbury Road in Notting Hill in London.  You are assured that the chocolate you buy from them is fresh and hand made with the finest ingratiates by expert chocolatiers.

Melt's have gained a significant reputation in record time for producing their unique and delicious chocolate.  Louise Nason started the company in 2006 and due to the fact that chocolate is the only food that literally melts at body temperature she chose the name Melt to capture an aspect of the quality of the product.

Melt acquire their chocolate from the Magdalena valley in Columbia.  This region produces some of the world's finest coffee and produces chocolate with a distinctive floral aroma with a subtle hint of a rich nutty flavour.  They endeavour to encourage the chocolate production in Columbia to benefit the Columbian producers and thereby share the expertise and the benefits to the people who source the chocolate.

Melt chocolate
Here is a list of some of their products:
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