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Unfortunately the affiliate program with Maximuscle closed on 28 February 2011. There are other nutrtional merchants available from the Looking After your Body page.

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Improving your fitness improves your feeling of well being.

Maximuscle was started in 1995 in Hemel Hempstead in the UK by sports nutrition expert Zef Eisenberg who believes personal physical goals and sporting aspirations can easily be achieved and surpassed through commitment and understanding.

Maximuscle leads by example. It has spearheaded the effort to bring sports nutrition into the mainstream and to clean up the industry's image. Their web site contains lots of articles and advice and they provide effective products that do what they say on the tin. Whether you want to stay nourished, heal faster, loose fat or simply gain muscle mass their products are well researched and scientifically supported. Maximuscle has the widest selection of specialised products in it's sector.

They also have an entire web site for women here:

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If you have physical goals and aspirations then this site is worth a visit.

US Flag    Maximuscle are a British company and sell within the UK only.

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