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Where to buy maps?

Maps International sell their famous range of highly detailed world wall maps.  They also have European maps, UK maps, political maps and geographical maps.  Their maps come in a range of sizes and finishes including magnetic maps.  They have inflatable globes of the sky at night and planet earth.  They have Ordnance Survey Maps, road maps, atlases and much more.

So if you are looking for a map to put on the wall at school, to adorn your international business conference room, to give to your niece as a present or any other reason then these people are worth a visit.  They also have a set of the French IGN Maps which cover the whole of France to a high degree of detail sufficient for walking holidays.

So if this has wetted your appetite take a look around their web site by clicking this link --> Maps International or click on one of the banners.


UK Flag    The World    Based in the UK they will deliver world wide.

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