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As young, busy, mother's Sian Sutherland, Kathy Miller and Tanya Mackay couldn't find the skin care they craved during or after pregnancy.  So, with some experience in the industry they set about building a company to provide that real feel good factor in skin care.  Their story is now well known and what they achieved is truly remarkable.

They are principled and dedicated and have taken Mama Mio from strength to strength.  They are ferocious about maintaining good ethical and healthy products and are now one of the largest skin care product companies in the world.

Their products range from simple items like Mama Mio O•Mega Body Oil to complete kits like "Bootcamp for Butts".  They do a vast range of products catering for daily skincare, cellulite & firming, stretch marks & scars, super-dry skin, anti-aging bodycare, bootcamp bodycare, pregnancy skincare, kits and gifts.  If you are a beautiful woman looking for that feel good factor take a browse around Mama Mio's web site.  Just window shopping makes you feel good.

They say:
"All of our working energy and expertise is focused on mothers; whether your baby is in your tummy or is in college, we want you to feel good in your skin."

Their superstar supermamas include Stella McCartney, Victoria Beckham, Christy Turlington, Mariska Hargitay, Jennifer Beals and Rachel Weisz; so you can be assured you are joining good company!

To take a look around click here −−> mama mio or click the banner advert below.

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