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Magnetic Therapy Ltd

Magnetic therapy is a fast growing therapeutic area.

Magnetic therapy is growing in it's popular use and so far there is little scientific evidence to support the therapeutic claims. However, there are many people who truly believe that the use of magnetic fields around the human body do have beneficial consequences.

There is little doubt that applying magnetic fields to the body has some physical effect. Humans are, after all, controlled by a very sophisticated electrochemical neurological system. Given that our bodies respond to the very subtle changes in the moons orbit (about 380,000 km or 240,000 miles away) around our planet it would be too much to claim that tangible magnetic influences close to the body had no consequence.

Pharmaceutical companies, for example, have no motive to research or publish positive results in a field which could ultimately damage their market for selling pain relieving drugs. Pharmaceutical companies are one of the largest supplier of funds for medical research. Until there are tangible, measurable, repeatable results from significant respectable and established bodies in our scientific community there is not likely to be an accepted view on this subject. But there are more and more alternative therapies being accepted by western medical science on the grounds that even if they don't fit the scientific or medical model they have a lot of support, some indications of efficacy and no detrimental effects.

Professor Allan Snyder has been involved in research in Magnetic Brain Stimulation (MBS) for many years and with quite significant results. His most famous experiment was to use Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) to alter the functioning of the brain. His results indicate that we have far greater potential in our brains than is realised by most of us in every day life.

Magnetic Therapy Limited was established in 1993 and as a company is dedicated to the fast and cost effective supply of the best and most popular magnetic therapy products worldwide. These are supplied for use at home, in therapy and also clinical use. They have a lot of information and articles available on their web site as well as many books and resources. They probably have the largest single range of magnetic therapy products available on line. So if you are interested you should take a look around their web site.


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