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Move ALL of your data from one PC to another!

Take control of your software and data.

LapLink has been in existence since 1983 and I have been using their software on and off for most of that time.  It is one of the few really innovative, reliable, useful pieces of software that has emerged since the rise of personal computing.  In those early days when floppy disks really were floppy the task of transferring data was a chore.  LapLink came along (with a special connecting cable) and suddenly the most obvious solution was manifest.  It was simple to transfer files as if copying them from one folder to another.

Over the years for all the networking sophistication and the over complicated operating systems (not to mention Windows) there were still significant problems transferring files in some circumstances but LapLink kept pace.  Always providing the next obvious solution to the new problem and always totally reliable.

Early on they developed the famous PCMover which is still the only program that will do the job of transferring all your data, software and settings from one computer to another seamlessly and they have continued keeping pace with the fast moving software and hardware markets.

Their suit of software is now quite broad and they offer so many data and computer management tools it would be silly to try to cover then all here.  They provide security, synchronization, safe erasure, remote operation, defragmentation and operating system conversion.  In summary they are a must have computer maintenance tool for anyone who does a little more than use their one computer for emails, photos and Bookface.

Upgrade your PC to Windows 7 quickly and easily.

The World    Based in the US their software is available and relevant everywhere.

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