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In 1999 three guys, Richard Reed, Adam Balon and Jon Wright, went to a London music festival with £500 worth of fruit which they proceeded to juice and sell. They had two bins. One marked "Yes" and one marked "No". They asked people if they should give up their day jobs to make juice and to throw their empties in the corresponding bin. The "Yes" bin was overflowing and they set about creating what has now become the famous brand "Innocent Drinks".


Innocent drinks are juiced fruit and/or vegetable drinks. Nothing more. I ran some tests myself when I got into juicing because I wondered if their claims were correct and I wondered if it cost more to buy a juicer and juice my own than to buy ready made Innocent drinks.

To my surprise every recipe that I tried from their list of ingredients came out at exactly the same volume and taste. I concluded that the odds were high that what they said was in the juice was exactly that. And I also found that there was not a lot of difference in the price. If I bought the fruit from a supermarket (like Tesco) it was probably a little more expensive and if I bought it from the market it was cheaper. With my fantastic Oscar Vitalmax Juicer [see wheatgrass page] and it's projected lifespan and the time involved in juicing it was a toss up whether it was better to juice my own or to buy Innocent Juice.

I opted to juice my own drinks. That way I get to choose what fruit and vegetables I use and can use Innocents recipes and make my own up. I like the fact that my drinks are totally fresh too and I could juice wheatgrass as well. There is something about "living" "raw" food that is so healthy. Innocent do now pasteurise their drinks to give them a longer shelf life. They are very fussy to only use real live fruit with no additives, preservatives, colouring or dried reconstituted rubbish and they are particular about checking their suppliers out too. When I am busy and can't find the time to juice I get straight down to the shops to buy Innocent juice to keep me healthy. You can buy Innocent fruit juice from Tesco and many other supermarkets too.

Innocent donate 10% of their profits to charity. Overall Innocent are a genuine, ethical, green, progressive and very healthy company. Well done Innocent and may the world have more people like you.

You can visit their site here or go to Tesco to order some now.

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