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Inkonomical for printer supplies in Boston

Printer Ink in Boston.

Where to buy printer ink in Boston, Lincolnshire in the UK?  Boston Printer Ink might be a good name for a company selling printer ink in Boston, Lincs.  But as I write there is no such named company selling printer ink in Boston in the UK.  But there is a specialist company called Inkonomical which does sell printer ink in Boston as well as providing ink cartridge refills and a whole host of goods and services in digital printing.  All this rambling is of course for the machine readable qualities of this page for a certain search engine that must not be named.  The one, in fact, that statistically you probably used to get here.  So it does work!

But there is a point to all this.  There is a company in Boston (UK) that sells printer ink and it is the best and the cheapest printer ink you can get.  It is not second rate - it is, in fact, extremely high quality ink but at a fraction of the cost of OEM branded ink.  (This service is useful, and even economical, if you live anywhere near Boston like Skegness, Spalding, Spilsby, Horncastle, Heckington, Sleaford, Kirton, Holbeach or Bourne.) Not only do they offer an ink cartridge refill service but the cartridges often hold three times as much ink at a quarter of the price.  That is equivalent to TWELVE for the price of ONE!  So bog off BOGOF and instead BOGEF (Buy One Get Eleven Free).

Low cost toner and ink cartridges
Same day refill service

The company is the brain child of Graeme Craft who has significant expertise in the digital printing arena.  He is enthusiastic, diligent, interesting and very helpful.  Inkonomical provide all standard printing and copying services and digital printing.  They refill inkjet cartridges, both compatibles and originals.  They also do digital photo printing and enlargements as well as A5 and A4 leaflet printing at very low cost.  They supply laser printer toner remanufacture and a choice of inkjet printers and laser printers at seriously competitive prices.  They stock A3, A4 and A5 copy paper and listing paper in addition to high quality and very low cost photographic paper.  They offer same day turn around, expert, friendly advice to make sure you get exactly what you want.

Inkonomical for printer ink in Boston
UK Flag    They are based in Boston in the UK.

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