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ineedhits is one of the leading search engine marketing companies in the world. They started out in 1996 and have a customer base of over 250,000. They offer a range of search engine marketing services including SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and pay-per-click products which are ideal for the small & medium sized business market. They also cover social media, search engine submissions, guaranteed hits, link building and banner displays.

Their services range in scale and so it is easy to try things out without a huge commitment. If it works you can scale it up. Their blog and newsletter are full of useful tips and great insights into how to make your web site successful including tips on how to monitor user interaction. They also provide some simple but effective free tools to help increase your visibility and visitors. Overall they are a good company to keep an eye on and provide good service if you want it.

Guaranteed Top 10 Exposure Across 350+ Search Engi
The World    Based in Australia they serve the world.

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