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"you're not dealing with a big, faceless company... just an old hippy (and his wife)"

The Incense Man is a great place to get all sorts of joss sticks, cones, balms, oils, charcoal, burners and everything to do with scenting the place out.

fragrent oils He lives in Thame and seems to work from home.  The products are evidently good as I have scoured the site and the things I know about are in abundance.  He even sells the supreme Black Crescent Incense Sticks which come in a wide range of fragrances.  black crescent joss sticks (He stocks African Rose, Amber, Baby Powder, Bakhoor, Beautiful, Black Coconut, Blue Coconut, Cherry, Cinnamon, Citrus Fresh, English Rose, Ginseng, Golden Eyes, Herb Garden, Lavender, Lily, Love Supreme, Mango Ice, Peach & Papaya, Red Apple, Sandalwood, Strawberries, Sweet Dream, Sweet Harmony, Sweet Plum, Tea Tree, White Linen, Ylang-ylang, and Zanzibar.)

incense burner It is a very clever site because it specialises in all those things you might want that have to do with incense from beautiful brass incense burners to simple plain wooden ash catchers and from a wide variety of joss sticks and cones to more exotic balms and oils. He also sells charcoal and incense resin (granules from tree resin) with the necessary equipment to burn them. And he has put together a neat and inexpensive starter kit too.

He's authentic too: Adrian (The Incense Man) says "you're not dealing with a big, faceless company... just an old hippy (and his wife)" - so he's got to be reliable!

brass cone burner nagc hampa dhoop cones If you want incense make sure to bookmark this page or The Incense Man's page because I have looked for items like this on the internet many times and have never come across such a good range all in one place. If you use joss sticks or resin you will certainly want to return to this site. And although this may change in the future it is the only place I know of on the internet where you can get charcoal, burners and resin in small quantities for personal use.

Here is a list of some of the stuff he sells:
US Flag    The World    He delivers all over the world and the postage prices are very good.

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