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Higher Nature

Higher Nature is a UK based supplier of natural health products.

Based in East Sussex in the UK this is a family business run by Brian and Celia Wright.

They started their careers in psychology and were very interested in nutrition for psychological health. This led them to starting Higher Nature and their product range is aimed to promote the natural health and well-being of their customers. Higher Nature rarely advertise because they get so much publicity in the press and magazines anyway.

They have sections on vitamins & minerals, on skin care and notably they have a section for animals. For example they sell Almost Human SuperDog Essential Omegas 3:6:9 which contain specialist omega workers, EPA and DHA (Omega 3), GLA (Omega 6), plus Oleic acid (Omega 9) all for your dog!

So if you are interested in natural health supplements for you or your pet these people are worth a look. They deliver all products free in the UK!

UK Flag    World    They are a UK based company and deliver goods worldwide.

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