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So many sweets!  Here is a page illustrating lots of the sweets available at Handy Candy in the UK.  They are an excellent way to buy sweets which are then delivered to your door.  What is really good about them is their range of sweets which include those sometimes hard to find things like sugar mice, parma violets and flying saucers.  They also do tuck boxes and jars of sweets and are an excellent way to get all those treats for Halloween, the children's party or Christmas stocking fillers.

Acid Drops Aniseed Twist Apple Tongues Assorted Toffees Barley Sugar Bruiser Blackberry & Apple Candy Lipstick Candy Sticks Candy Whistles Chewing Nuts Cadbury's Chocolate Eclairs Coconut Mushrooms Kola Kubes Cough Candy Dairy Toffee Dip Dabs Dolly Bead Candy Necklaces Dolly Mixture Double Lolly Fizzy Suckers Flying Saucers Fruit Fizzers Giant Strawberries - Haribo Giant Gobstoppers Heart Throbs - Haribo Jelly Beans Bubblegum Balls Chewy Lemon Bon Bons Liquorice Allsorts Liquorice Comfits Liquorice Toffee Liquorice Wands Love Hearts Flumps Mallow Cable Milk Bottles - Haribo Milk Choc Brazils Milk Choc Peanuts Mint Humbugs Nut Brittle Nutty Brazil Toffee Parma Violets Raspberry Ruffles Refreshers Refreshers Chews - Original Rosey Apples Shrimps Lion's Sports Mixture Strawberries & Cream Chewy Strawberry Bon Bons Strawberry Tongues Sugar Almonds Chewy Toffee Bon Bons Toffee Crumble Traffic Light Lolly Tropical Jawbreaker Vimto Bar Yellow Belly Snakes - Haribo Giant Fizzy Cola Bottles - Haribo Milk Chocolate Flavour Footballs ABC Letters Gobstoppers Strawberry Fizz Wizz Popping Candy Drumstick BarChocolate Limes Scary Skulls Rats! Coconut Rolls Spearmint Chews Blackcurrant & Liquorice Fizzy Strawberry Pencils Apple Pencils Blackcurrant Pencils Sherbet Strawberries Sherbet Pips Sugar Free Fruits Giant Flyer Banana & Custard Apple & Custard Double Dips Snowies Black & White Liquorice Mints Rhubarb & Custard Tubes - Haribo Clove Balls Gray's Teacakes Walnut Whip Cadbury's Flake Cadbury's Fudge Finger Cadbury's Caramel Cadbury's Crunchie Cadbury's Dream Sugar Free Striped Mints Jelly Teddies Milk Chocolate Raisins Herbal TabletsRolosVanilla Fudge Apple Bon Bons Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles Fry's Chocolate Cream Maltesers Mini Eggs Rhubarb & Custard PencilsLager Tops Cola Whips Lazy Bones Fangs Foam Strawberries Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles Tom Thumbs Drops Apple Whips Yorkshire Mixture Cherry Pips Jargonelle Pears American Hard Gums Chocolate ButtonsNestle Mint AeroSugar Free Cola Fizz Sugar Free Apple & BlackcurrantSugar Free Pear Drops Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Vimto Lolly Ice Creme Soda Lolly Liquorice Torpedoes Crocodiles - Haribo Blackcurrant Millions Strawberry Millions Bubblegum Millions Cola Millions Giant Snowie Maoam Stripe Chews Blackcurrant Chewits Fruit Salad Chewits Orange Chewits Jelly Love Hearts Liquorice Cream Tubes Rowntrees Jelly Tots Big Mallow Pieces Maoam Fruit Minis Cadbury's Milk Chocolate Buttons Rainbow Dust Straws Cherry Lips Rainbow Twists Dandelion & Burdock Milky Way Magic Stars Gummy Alphabet Letters Gummy Bugs Blueberry Bubbaloo Strawberry Bubbaloo Fizzy Snakes Jamesons Caramels Strawberry Giant Flyer Jumbo Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles Giant Fizzy Suckers  - Haribo Sarsaparilla Tablets Chocolate Bananas Crystalised Stem Ginger Sour Strawberry BitesBlack Jack BarRaspberry Millions Chocolate Mints Gum Powder Giant Fruit Fizzers Cherry Fizz Wizz Popping Candy Cadbury's Wispa Tooty Frooties Starfish - Haribo Tongue Painting Lolly Rainbow Drops Bazooka Bubble Gum Baby Ruth Bar Charm's Tootsie Roll Bar Hershey's Milk Chocolate Kisses Hershey's Kisses With Almond Hershey's Milk Duds Lifesavers Butter Rum Peanut Butter M&Ms Reese's Pieces Wrigley's Big Red Giant Sugar Strawberries Lion's Midget Gems Giant Pink & White MiceLemon Mega SoursCherry Mega Sours Apple Mega Sours Candy Watches Milk Chocolate Flavour Sports Balls Barratt's Shrimps Icy Cups Bruiser Cola Bar Stinger Bar Gummy Peaches Vimto Chews Giant Suckers - Haribo Rotellas - Haribo Jolly Ranchers - Apple Raspberry Mega Sours Giant Sour Apples NEW Fruit Salads Barratt's Nougat Red Milk Chocolate Lips Mint Toffee EclairFizzy Fish Hershey's Cookies n Creme Ginger Creams

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