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HandStands is an interesting company based in Bluffdale in Utah.  It was started by Don Watkins and Gary Deaton in 1982 on a proverbial shoestring.  The shoestring, like all good shoestrings, seemed to get shorter a few times before things turned around and the company got a foot hold and began going from strength to strength.

Initially they made computer dust covers with corporate logos and this soon expanded to a large range of computer accessories and other useful or simply fun items.

It's hard to sum up what they do but here is one brilliant item.  The  Cool Lift!   Have you ever had that problem with your laptop overheating?  They do a laptop mat which is ergonomically designed to raise the back of the laptop slightly and to encourage airflow where it is needed.  Not only does it save you messing about doing a Heath Robinson job yourself, but it has high friction to keep it in place, it improves the use of the keyboard and reduces the risk of your computer overheating and closing down on you.  And - as well as all that - it will prolong the life of your battery.  They don't claim that but it will because laptop batteries function optimally at lower temperatures and they wear out quicker at higher temperatures.  It is logical!

Take a look around their store by clicking this link --> HandStands®HandStands text link (or one of the banners) and see if they have any more interesting or attractive items that take your fancy.
innovative, fun, quality accessories by HandStands
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