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Green & Black's

Green & Blacks

Green & Black's is not just a company.  They are a complete culture of organic indulgence.  Their chocolate is sought after worldwide and in addition to that they also provide a wide range of beautifully presented products including cooking chocolate and hot chocolate, wines and beers, an apron and a cook book full of delicious, mouth watering recipes.

Craig Sams and Josephine Fairley started Green & Black in 1991.  With the success of their first bittersweet dark chocolate bar packed with 70% cocoa solids, and after a fortuitous trip to Belize, they launched the Maya Gold Range in 1994.  Fundamental to their business practices were good ethical principles, genuinely fair trading (they were the first UK company to achieve the "Fairtrade" mark), organic produce and environmentally friendly packaging.

Their standard basic range of eating chocolate bars includes White Chocolate, Creamy Milk Chocolate, Ordinary (if there is such a thing at Green & Black) Milk Chocolate, Butterscotch (Oh stop it - the pleasure is getting too much!) Chocolate, Almond Chocolate, Ginger Chocolate (Do they have a license for this much temptation?), Cherry Chocolate and the deep and mysterious Dark Chocolate.

To accompany the delectable flavour and texture of their unique chocolate Green & Black also provide a range of other wholesome organic products such as Organic Red Wine, Organic White Wine, Organic Champagne, Organic Beer, Organic Cider and even an Organic Jute Bag to carry it all in.

Green & Black's
Here is a list of some of their products:

You want to know why Green & Black?  Well it's not Mrs Green or Mr Black.  They are colours and they were chosen as representative of their philosophy and approach to making chocolate.  The green represents the ethical, organic, earth friendly aspect of their chocolate and the black represents the rich pure intensity of the chocolate.  Green & Black - orgasmic chocolate.  Now go buy some.  You'll be glad you did.

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