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GlobalGiving connects philanthropists to specific projects around the world.

Here is a good idea for coordinating lots of charitable projects under one roof, so to speak.  You can then browse around the GlobalGiving web site looking for projects you would like to support.  There are hundreds of projects ranging from helping rural Ethiopians improve access to water to supplemental nutrition for West Bank children.  There are projects to build a school from recycled materials in Guatemala and projects to provide education for AIDS orphans in rural Uganda.

You can view the projects by country or by causes such as "Animals" or "HIV" or you can search for specific projects with keywords that you are concerned about.

You can donate as much or as little as you want and you can purchase gift cards as a way of giving someone you care about the ability to select their preferred good cause.  Then you can get regular updates to keep you in touch with the progress of the projects you support.

So whether you are a looking to give a small donation or a huge amount of money you can browse the available projects and select to pay a one off donation or a regular payment.  The projects have a goal amount they need to achieve and you can see how much they have managed so far and you can choose to help or even get them to their goal with one donation.  It makes the whole idea of helping other people in need so much more attractive and connected to the actual people you are helping.

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