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Need money in a hurry? Try GetMeToPayDay.

On the whole I would not recommend borrowing money in desperate circumstances.  But just occasionally a situation arises where you need a couple of hundred quid now and you don't get paid for another three weeks.  It could be a total bargain you have come across and it would be ridiculous to miss the opportunity, it could be something you need to pay and it would take too long to get a conventional loan.  In those rare cases where a fast, unsecured, non-credit checked loan is required and you have a regular job then maybe Get-Me-To-Pay-Day is something to check out.

They say: is a payday loan website.  It provides instant short-term loans of up to £750 sourced from multiple UK lenders.  A borrower applies online, there are no credit checks and they get a decision within minutes.  If accepted, they repay money in full the next day they get paid.

GetMeToPayDay big banner
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