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Get A Fragrance

Friendly supplier of fragrant incense and oils.
every one does it
You can get a wide range of joss sticks, incense sticks, incense cones and the like including Moroccan Bazaar, Stamford Incense, Mistique Patchouli Incense, Tibetan Incense and a whole lot more from EveryOneDoesIt
27 October 2009:  Sadly Nicky has shut down getafragrance.  However she has given me references to two of her suppliers where you can get Black Crescent incense sticks and Auroshikha products.
The Black Crescent supplier is Zam Zam International Fragrances based in West Norwood in London.  They only sell in bulk from their main web site although they are in the process of building their Zam Zam ebay shop where you can buy small personal quantities.
The Auroshikha contact is Ian Snow's web site where they sell all sorts of interior craft and clothing stuff with a special section for incense and ash catchers where you can buy Auroshikha products.
You can now also get all sorts of incense stuff from the Incense man who has everything from brass resin burners to charcoal and joss sticks to oils.

Based in Bath in the UK Get A Fragrance have been in existence for over 20 years selling fragrant incenses and oils.

For most of that time they have been selling from a stall in the market place and have now expanded their business to selling on the internet. This is very good news as it makes their choice of products available to all.

They do not have a very large product range but what they sell really is the very best at the best available prices. So if you are looking for good quality joss sticks, incense or oils at good prices then these people are worth a visit. They also sell wooden joss stick holders both plain and brass inlaid, and even Nag Champa soap!

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US Flag    The World    They were UK based and would send items anywhere in the world.

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