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Unfortunately Fudge Kitchen have terminated their affiliate program (3 January 2012). You might be interested in looking at Chocolate Trading Company or other confectioners on the Chocolate, sweets & candy page.

Fudge Kitchen link gone
Jim says they make the best fudge in the world and I have to agree with him.  I love fudge and have eaten fudge in various places around the globe.  There is no better fudge I have tasted than fudge from the Fudge Kitchen.  I have bought it in Oxford and Cambridge and it really is something special.  If you visit their shops they often provide you with the opportunity to taste the fudge before you buy so you can be sure of getting the best fudge for you for your dosh.  But all of their fudge is something special and makes ideal gifts.

Fudge apparently was a "fudge" the first time it was made.  It was meant to be caramel but went wrong.  Since then all sorts of recipes have been produced but to this day making really good fudge remains an art.  Fudge is not a simple list of ingredients, in fact the ingredients can change quite a lot, it requires special and sustained treatment during cooking and can often result in a crystallized mess if you get it wrong.

At the Fudge Kitchen they make a wide variety of styles and flavours.  You can get Rum and Raison fudge, Chocolate and Orange fudge, Belgian Chocolate fudge,  Traditional Toffee fudge,  Vintage Vanilla fudge, Lemon Meringue fudge,  Maple and Walnut fudge and the list goes on.  They do a wide variety of gift packs for weddings and special occasions and they also put together specialities like a Halloween Selection and a Birthday Selection.  They sell home fudge making kits and have lots of ideas about presentation.  Overall they really are keen specialists in FUDGE!  What a wonderful career.

So if your mouth is watering already why not visit their web site by clicking this link --> Fudge Kitchen (or one of the banners) and see if they have something to whet your appetite.
Fudge Kitchen link gone
UK Flag    World Flag    Based in the UK they will deliver all over the world.

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