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Find Me A Gift - Click here!

Now here's an interesting web site.  If you are wondering what gift you can get that special person and need inspiration then are a good place to start.  They have hundreds of novel, funny, and useful gifts.  They have categories such as Unique and Unusual Gifts, Birthday Gifts and Baby Gifts.  They have Mothers day gifts, Wedding gifts, gadgets and toys for boys, for men, for women, for children and they even do corporate and business client gifts.  Whatever you need for gift ideas or a birthday, they have the perfect gift.  So, if it's unusual or unique or funny or cheep gifts you want these people are worth a visit.

They delivery worldwide and are based in the UK.  They do same day despatch for UK orders placed by 3:30 p.m. Monday to Friday with delivery within 4 working days.  You can pay for next day delivery as well.  They accept payment by Paypal and Google Checkout and you can save loads of money with their customer loyalty scheme.

Here are just some of the gifts they sell:
Firewinder Wind Light:  This is a spiral wind sculpture which is fitted with LED lights which light up when it spins in the wind.  It is an ideal addition to any evening bar-b-queue or outdoor party.  It enhances the garden and is eco-friendly.
Personalised Wooden Collage Photo Frame:  A lovely idea where you can get a frame for those special pictures with your own messages engraved top and bottom.  Ideal for a new baby gift or other special occasion.  They do other types of picture frames too.
Pink Headphone Ear Muffs:  A bizarre but cute gift for that little princess or rebellious teenager.  Not only do they make for a powerful fashion statement but they keep your ears warm too.
STOP Door Stop:  Very practical and fun and colourful too.  These door stops are simply rubber wedges for doors but formed into the word STOP in a number of bright colours.
Racing Baby Wind Up Toys:  These little cute toys will provide hours of insane (or is that inane) fun.  The little plastic babies can race against each other and have colour coded dummies so you know who has won (if you are the competitive sort).
Record Album Frame:  A neat idea especially now that you have replaced your favourite LPs with CDs.  Protect, store and display your old invaluable collection of LPs in these specially made LP frames.
Mr P Wine Bottle Stopper:  A rude bottle stopper ideal as a small addition to that bottle of wine you take with you to a party.
Book Mark the Bookmark:  A little silicone rubber squashed man as a book mark.  Neat little stocking filer or just as an "I'm thinking of you" gift.
Union Jack Passport Cover:  This patriotic Passport Cover is "Brit-chic with punk-panache!" according to find-me-a-gift but it definitely brightens up a boring passport.
Mr P Headphone Cable Tidy:  A very cool way to keep that flipping (or is that flapping) iPod or MP3 cable under control.
Make Your Own Cupcake Trinket Box:  The kit includes felt pieces, string, a plastic needle, stuffing and accessories.  It's the sort of thing you would never have thought of but has so many uses it is remarkable.  Not only the obvious as a trinket box but also as a gift, or a project for yourself on a rainy day or for the children who will love to make this colourful craft masterpiece.  It is also ideal as a gift box to put that special gift in for someone.
Double Chocolate Fountain:  An ideal party enhancer!  The Double Chocolate Fountain can be used with milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate and butterscotch. You can even use cheese too!  It is well priced because it doesn't come with those expensive skewers (they can be purchased much cheaper at most supermarkets).  Two types of chocolate might be too tempting for some.
High Resolution 1.4" Digital Photo Album Key Ring:  This is simply brilliant.  A practical key ring that enables you to store and transport your treasured photographs around with you!
Become a Laird and Lady Title:  Gone are the days when only the rich could buy their way in to a title.  This interesting idea is actually for real.  You can buy a tiny bit of land on the Kincavel Estate in Sonachan, Scotland, and have legal usage of the title "Laird".  Laird is the Scottish equivalent of the English Lord and is bisexual.  So you can be a Lady too.  Upon receipt of the Lord and Lady registration card a personalised title deed inscribed with your name and title are produced and sent to you with your personal plot number and a plot map. Your official title (or titles) will be Laird and Lady.

They also have: Hot Socks, Finger Drums, Eye Massager (The Eyezone Massager), Bottle Opener Belt, Pop a Post (Inflatable Goal Posts), Ball Scratcher for Executive Gentlemen, Bath Lights Show, Bullet Ice Cube Tray, Racing Grannies, Elvis Presley Rubber Duck, Boob Stress Relievers, Swearing Parrot Keyring, Sudoku Cube (Sudokube), Paint Your Own Mug, Arse Face Soap and so much more

They have so many gifts you will just have to browse around their site to see more.  To go to their site click one of the banners or this text link ---> Find Me A Gift

Find Me A Gift - Click here!

Based in the UK they deliver all over the world.

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