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ElephantDrive is an on-line backup service.  In fact it is a lot more than that and seems to provide a lot of functionality that anybody could reasonably want.

This is one of their promotional lines and I love it:
"Our service has a lot in common with the world's largest land mammal.  When you subscribe to ElephantDrive, you get a service that is very big, never forgets, and works for peanuts!"

For a very reasonable fee you can have a backup of all your important files like photos, documents, data etc... held on secure datacenters over the internet.  You can set it to backup files regularly and all your files are individually accessible any time from anywhere in the world.  This system is used by individuals for their photos and files and by businesses for their sensitive business critical data.

ElephantDrive are based in Los Angeles and they have had a lot of very good reviews from leading magazines and journals all around the world.  By my reckoning it can be cheaper than buying your own backup system.

ElephantDrive big banner
The World    Worldwide service.

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