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It may come as a surprise that I am not a pole dancer but this Electrapole Pole Dancing Kit certainly seems like a good idea.  What is so appealing about it is that you can get a good workout and lots of fun in the privacy of your own home.  We've all seen the pole dancing routine in the sex club in the movies and pole dancing is often associated with that rather dark side of sleazy night clubs and a vice ridden lifestyle.  But pole dancing is tremendous way to keep fit and to tone your muscles and enhance flexibility.  Just imagine having your own pole in your living room or your bathroom where you can exercise and play out your own fantasies whilst keeping fit and healthy.  You might get to the point that you want to have pole dancing nights with your friends and enjoy all the benefits of pole dancing whilst having a great time at home.  You never know you might become a professional one day!

People are keen to buy trampolines, weights, exercise bicycles and all sorts of expensive equipment to work out at home.  Why not get an Electra-pole which will add a new dimension and lots of fun to your exercise.

They say "It's inspired and endorsed by Hollywood star Carmen Electra. It's designed to bring the pole dancing experience into your home... and's the Portable Pole Dancing Pole from Peekaboo Poledancing that will help you feel totally irresistible!"

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