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Eden Project Shop


A vast range of seriously green and ethical things.

Late in the 20th century Tim Smit thought up the idea of the Eden Project.  Now famous worldwide the Eden Project is based in the famous geodesic domes in Cornwall in the UK.  The Eden Project is a charitable, educational and social enterprise emphasising the interdependence of humans and their environment.  Although the Eden Project is about global, philosophical, evolutionary ideas and actions it is also about the simple pleasures of being alive on planet Earth.

The Eden Project Shop reflects and enhances the ideas and intentions of the Eden Project.  All their products are green (metaphorically) and ethical.  They have a vast range of things from practical gardening tools to scented candles and cuddly toys.  They have allsorts from high quality plants and hand tied bouquets to great food and brilliant accessories for the home.  They also sell energy saving gadgets, ethical cosmetics, gardening equipment and award-winning toys for kids at very reasonable prices.  So why not treat yourself to something pleasurable that is helping planet Earth at the same time?  Take a look around their wonderful shop and enjoy the multitude of things and ideas.


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