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Self service 24/7 versatile car insurance on line!

The Southern Rock Insurance Company has developed a suit of "e" web sites where they offer an online service to their customers.  The objective is to give the customer the simplest way to get reliable insurance from a respectable company without all the paperwork, brokers fees, time delays (and expense) of call centres and post.  The idea is that you can select the features that you want, buy the policy and amend it 24/7 on the web site.  It is convenient, versatile and 24/7.  Everybody will be doing this soon.

An added advantage is that they can pass the savings on to you.  So their policies are competitive and reasonably priced.  As well as the Standard Annual Policy they also do Short Term Policies from 1 to 28 days and a flexible Pay As You Go (PAYG) monthly policy.  You can add drivers on line and even other vehicles.

A genuine self service insurance - brilliant!

Other e-insurance sites they do are ebikeinsurance, evaninsurance and ehomeinsurance.

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