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This is neat - A self service 24/7 versatile bike insurance!

 ebikeinsurance  are a dedicated web based motorbike insurance site.  They are a product of the Southern Rock Insurance Company and are their way of providing a kind of self service insurance for bikers.  They offer a range of products from Classic Bike Insurance to Pay-As-You-Go monthly bike policies.  The objective is to create a web site where bikers can manage their policies entirely online.  This means that if you want to add a rider or a bike to your policy you can do it 24/7 on the internet.  You don't have to wait for those ruddy call centres to be open so that you can hold the phone waiting for an answer.  If you need to change your policy you can do it instantly.  They also offer full EU cover, Legal Expenses Insurance and Breakdown Cover.  The consequence of this online insurance is that they can pass on the substantial savings to their customers.

Just an added extra I found out: Helmets and leathers are not normally covered by bike insurance and yet they can be a significant cost.  The Southern Rock Insurance Company, seeing this need, allow you to add these into your household content insurance which you can get at ehomeinsurance.

The Southern Rock Insurance Company also do ecarinsurance & evaninsurance.

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