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Divorce Online - Uncontested Divorces from £69

Divorce online was started by Mark Keenan in 1999.  It was the first and is now probably the larges online divorce service in the UK.

Why use an online divorce service?  Well to start with it is not for everybody.  In most cases when marriages break down the husband and wife are not in agreement.  This leads to a lot of distress and legal difficulties.  And this leads to serious financial loss.

With facilities like mediation available today it is possible for a married couple to get help in coming to some reasonable financial settlement.  If this is possible then there is no real need to pay exorbitant legal fees to solicitors and lawyers to simple go through the legal process to get the divorce.  This is where Divorce Online come in.  What they have achieved is a very cost effective way of handling the legal aspects of getting a divorce.

They list a few points as to why their customers use them:

  • Trusted brand in legal market place
  • Easy to use website with simple category breakdowns to enable the customer to drill down to exactly what they want
  • Excellent customer service
  • Quick and east to use Case Tracking
  • Free complimentary products with purchase such as free will and change of name deed.

If you feel you could agree on the terms of the divorce I would seriously recommend talking to these people.  It could save a lot of money which you will be grateful for in years to come.  It can make the divorce less emotionally damaging too.

Click here ---> Divorce Online to go to their web site or click one of the banners.

Divorce Online - Uncontested Divorces from £69

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