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The affiliate program with Disk Depot sadly closed on 29 October 2010.  You might want to take a look at Dabs or OYYY or even Tesco as possible alternatives or you can check out the Computer Stuff page for other similar merchants.

disk depot link gone
disk depot link gone

Disk Depot are the UK's blank media specialists.  Their products obviously include things like CDs, DVDs, flash memory, pen drives, memory sticks and many other storage items.  But they also sell DVD drives, duplicators, Blu-ray drives, iPods, computers, hardware, software and much more.  They also sell peripherals like jewel cases, DVD carrying cases, laptop cards, audio cables, video and monitor cables, network and telephone cables, USB cables, IDE/SATA drive cables and the list goes on.

They keep a wide selection in stock and ready for dispatch by Next-Day courier.  They aim to supply the highest quality products at the keenest prices.

They don't just keep anything in stock but continuously research the best available at the best prices to provide their customers with real value for money quality products.  They also make themselves available 7 days a week for feedback and questions.  They are a customer oriented company.

So if you are looking for anything storage related then these people are definitely worth checking out.  Visit them by clicking this link --> Disk Depot or click on one of the banners.

disk depot link gone

UK Flag    They only deliver in the UK.

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