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The uplifting sound of the dawn chorus or the refreshing sound of waves crashing on the beach are familiar to most of us.  These sounds evoke feelings.  Feelings are the consequence of an altered state in our physiology and it is well known that a happy body is a healthy body.

It is also well known that the sound of sirens or alarm bells cause the heart to race and the sound of incessant traffic is stressful.  Sounds really affect us and it is, until now, a little recognised or researched area of human experience.  People have known for a long time that sounds affect us profoundly and religions have had their own culture of soothing or uplifting music for thousands of years.  The didgeridoo has been used for time immemorial by the aborigines of Australia to meditate and relax.  Pop music has probably caused more human ecstasy in the last half century than the rest of history put together but until recently no one has done any serious scientific research into the subject.

But that has changed recently with scientists using new tools and methodologies to probe the cause-effect relationship of sound on the human body.  New fields in science such as complex systems, network analysis and chaos theory are generating new paradigms with which to analyse, understand and control what is going on in the neural network and the consequences on the human body.  Put simply there are significant advances being made in our understanding of ourselves.

They say "Further brainwave research has led scientists to uncover the exact brainwave "signatures" for states such as sharp focus, reinvigorating sleep, mood improvement, increased energy, and more.  More modern and precise entrainment techniques, using computer-generated audio, have also been developed.

This has led to the development of powerful "audio pill" sessions for major uses, from leading providers such as Sonic Vitamins - and, of course, industry-leading sessions such as All Natural High."

There is little doubt that well crafted frequencies and harmonic interaction can literally alter your inner physical state.  So if you need - or want - to improve your general mood give All Natural High a try.

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