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ADI & PDI Insurance from DIAInsurance.
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If you are a driving instructor and you are looking for good professional insurance cover at the right price then DIA Insurance will "search the best Driving School schemes in the country to get you the best possible deal".

They say that "Whether you are a PDI or ADI instructor, we will provide insurance tailored to your needs." so, not knowing driving instructor jargon, I looked into what PDI and ADI might mean.  It turns out that ADI stands for "Approved Driving Instructor" and PDI stands for "Potential Driving Instructor".  There you have it.  I did search the DSA (Driving Standards Agency) but could not get an official version or confirmation of either what ADI or PDI stand for or precisely what the difference is.  I can only assume that a PDI is an ADI in training.  Let me know if you know more about these acronyms.

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