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In 1987 David Atherton and Bruce Smith started Dabs Press (the initials of their name = DABS).  Dabs Press published technology books for the up and coming computer market place.  In 1990 they began selling IT products under the name Dabs Direct and were one of the early entrepreneurial companies in computer equipment and peripherals.  I recall around 1994 ordering a Robotics 14.4 modem from them and being very impressed at the speed of delivery.  I was also impressed by the state of the art equipment arriving in what looked like an egg box.  I suspect this was US Robotics doing but the fact that they were green enough to use recyclable and minimal packaging was impressive.

Dabs went from strength to strength and in 2006 British Telecommunications plc bought them and have developed the internet business with all the acumen of BT.  Dabs now sell a huge range of technology from cables to cameras and memory to microphones.

UK Flag    They only deliver in the UK.

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